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SRVRF-02182022-04 – PO: AS2000040


Roofing Services


Description of Service

50% of PO AS2000040 + Additional Material

Scope of Work:

Technicians arrived on site and removed the solar pool water heater and then proceeded to remove the old shingles, felt and drip edge, technicians made the necessary repairs to the plywood (a Total of 6 pieces were repaired 2 were Included on the original quote), installed new cricket and L flashing on the chimney, installed 2 layers of felt, ice and water in the valley or walls, drip edge, started, shingles and ridge tiles. The interior ceiling in the five affected areas (3 bedrooms, master bath and laundry room) was repaired the drywall was replaced to prevent mold growth, textured, primed and paint was applied. Technicians cleaned up the area and removed the remaining debris off site once the intervention was completed. Job completed 02/19/2022

GAF Products Qty:1
GAF Timberline HDZ Qty:1
Rhino U20 Felt Qty:1
Vent on Ridge GAF Cobra Qty:1
Plywood Qty:2
Roofing nails Qty:1
Drywall Qty:1
Joint tape Qty:1
Joint compound Qty:1
Drywall screws Qty:1
Texture Qty:1
Primer Qty:1
Paint Qty:1
Disposal fee Qty:1
Inspection and permits fee Qty:1

Additional Material:

Plywood Qty:4