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Multiple Services


Description of Service

Walls Repair.
Interior Painting.
Deep Cleaning with Disposal.
Electric Outlets Plates Installation.
Kitchen Lamp Removal.
Kitchen Lamp Installation.
Living Room Lamp Restoration.
Kitchen Counter Sealing.
Bathroom Sink Removal.
Bathroom Sink Installation.
Bathroom Sink Faucet Installation.
Bathroom Mirror Frame Installation.
Shower Sealing.
Bedroom Fan Repair.
Fire Alarm Installation.
Blinds Removal.
Blinds Installation.
Refrigerator shutoff valve replacement.
Kitchen Cabinet Repair.
Kitchen sink shutoff valve replacement.
2 kitchen sink hose replacement.
1 kitchen sink faucet replacement.
1 Garbage disposal switch replacement.
Garbage disposal repair.
1 Bathroom sink replacement.
1 Bathroom sink drain replacement.
1 Bathroom sink faucet replacement.
2 Bathroom sink hose replacement.
1 Toilet shutoff valve replacement.
1 Toilet water hose replacement.
Laundry dryer repair.
Front door frame repair.
Air Conditioner system service.
Extermination Services.
Bedroom fire alarm replacement.
Bedroom closet ligth and switch repair.
Bedroom close lamp replacement.