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SRV-MR-09122022-03 – Description


Handyman Services


Description of Service


Scope of Work

Technician arrived on site and removed the green spikes that were holding the bottom of the chain link fence. New bottom rails were installed on the damaged sections of the E road fence and the damaged sections of the EE road fence. The fence mesh was secured with aluminum ties after the bottom rail hardware and bottom rail were installed. The technician will clean the work area after finishing.

Materials & Labor
1 5/8″ x 7′ x PP055 Black Commercial Rail Sch40 / Bottom Rail 6
Black Vinyl Coated Brace Band 1 5/8″ 10
2 1/2″ Tension Band Black 2
1 5/8 Black Rail End / Rail End Cap 12
Alum Black Ties 1
Bolt and Nut 5/16 x 1 1/2″ 12
Technician installing the bottom rail and making the repairs 1