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Fence Repair


Description of Service

Scope of Work:

The technicians arrived on site and secure the areas prior to service the location for the safety of the customers and employees, then technicians removed the damage sections of the fence located at the east lot by the corner of DD road, replaced it with new mesh and reassembled the fence.

Disassembled a section of the fence and removed the damage line post and top rail located by the I road, replaced it with new posts and reassembled the fence.

Removed the damage fence section located at the end of the J road, replace dit with new posts mesh, endcaps and hardware, reassembled the fence and clean up the areas after they are done.


Commercial grade 5’ H vinyl coated mesh Qty:1
Line Post Qty:1
Top rail Qty:1
End Post Qty:2
End Caps Qty:10
Fence hardware Qty:1


Technicians repairing the fence