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Painting Service


Description of Service

Technicians arrived on site and repaired the damaged section of the roof, part of the shingles, frame and plywood was removed and replaced with new material. The interior floors and sensible areas was covered prior to the painting process, the necessary repairs on the damaged areas of the walls were fixed, all the remaining shelves, led lights and accessories left on the walls were removed and the walls were repaired, the interior walls and trims were painted, the damaged section of the ceiling was repaired and finished.
The guest bathroom bathtub was resealed, the damaged guest bathroom sink was removed along with the drain pipes, faucet and plastic hoses, a new ceramic sink, drain pipes, metal hoses and faucet were installed. The ac vents were cleaned, Technicians cleaned the work are after finishing

Materials and Labor:

Materials: Structural shingles bundle 1
Materials: Roofing cement 1
Materials: Plywood OSB 1
Materials: Gator roofing paper 1
Materials: Roofing nails 1
Materials: Roofing rapair 1
Labor: Interior wall paint 10
Labor: Interior trim paint 1
Labor: Interior closet paint 3
Materials: Painting Supplies 1
Labor: Interior painting service 1
Materials: Compound 1
Materials: Spackling paste 1
Materials: Caulking 8
Materials: Mesh 1
Materials: Texture 1
Labor: Walls and ceiling repair 1
Materials: Bathroom ceramic sink 1
Materials: Bathroom sink faucet 1
Materials: Sink drain pipes 1
Materials: Metal braided hose 3/8×1/2 2
Labor: Sink removal and installation 1
Materials: Shower wall sealant 1
Labor: Shower sealing service 1