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SRV-PB-09202022-01 – Description


Plumbin Services


Description of Service


Scope of Work

Technician arrived on site and removed a section of the tile wall in order to access the shower valve pipes. The damaged valve was removed along with sections of the old pipes and fittins, new pipes and fittings were installed prior to the valve installation.

The new valve was installed and pressure treated lumber was placed as support for the cement board, the cement board joints were sealed and the new tiles and grout were installed.

Technician installed the shower valve handle and bathtub spout. The work area was cleaned after finishing.

Materials & Labor
Shower valve 1
Pex Pipe 1
Shark bite fittings 4
Brass pex fittings 5
Teflon tape 1
1/2 in. 20Pk Stainless steel PEX-B barb pinch clamp 1
2x4x8 Pressure treated lumber 1
1Lb #8 2in screws 1
Cement board 1
1lb Cement board screws 1
12×12 mosaic tile 3
Grout 1
Thinset 1
Technicians replacing the valve and fixing the wall 1