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SRV-PB-09062022-01 – Description


Plumbing Services


Description of Service

Deposit 50% Budget AS200132

Scope of Work

After the shower inspection technicians determined that the shower pan is cracked on the inside, damage has started to show on the floor tiles surface, and there are also signs of water leaks on the ceiling below the shower, meaning that the water started to move outside the pan liner.

After this assessment, we noted that merely basic repairs would not adequately address the structural damage. Instead, we recommend the removal of the shower floor tiles and 12″ from the bottom of the shower walls tiles , removal of the shower pan floor and shower drain.

New shower liner will need to be installed and a new drain with strainer, the 12″ section around the walls will be replaced with cement board, the shower bedding mortar will be installed, and the edges sealed with heavy-duty mesh and polymer mortar, waterproofing membrane will be applied after the walls and pan mortar dry.

New tiles will be installed on the 12″ bottom sections of the walls and shower floor, waterproof grout will be installed to seal all the tiles gaps. Technicians will clean the work area after finishing.

Disclaimer: Due to the nature of the original tiles and the lack of availability of identical material, there may be a notable difference between the current tile and that which will be installed

Materials & Labor
2″x4″x8″ Treated lumber 2

3×5 Cement board panel 2

1lb cement board screws 1

Cement board mesh tape 1

Ft² wall tile 20

Ft² Porcelain floor tile 17

Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane 1

High polymer thinset 1

Unsanded sealed Grout 1

PVC Shower pan liner 1

Shower bed mortar 2

Shower drain 1

Technicians making the repairs 1