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SRV-PB-08092022-03 – Description


Handyman Service


Description of Service

Pay 50% AS2000127

Scope of Work

Technician will arrive on site and remove the old walls, floor and door from the shower and bathtub tile area. The old shower and bathtub plumbing will he removed, a new shower side wall will be builder with pressure treated wood, new pipes, drain and faucets will be installed on the shower and bathtub, new cement board walls and shower pan will be installed, all the shower walls and floor will be sealed and waterproof prior to the tile installation. After the waterproof membrane dries the porcelain tile will be installed on the shower walls and floor and a 12″ porcelain splash wall will be installed around the bathtub area. After the tile is set, premium grout will be applied, a new shower door, faucets plates and faucets handles will be installed. The bathroom walls around the shower and bathtub will be retouched with matching paint. Technicians will clean the work area after finishing and dispose the remaining debris off site.

Materials & Labor
2″x4″x8″ Treated lumber 7
1lb 1″x3″ #10 all-weather screws 1
3×5 Cement board panel 8
5lb cement board screws 1
Cement board mesh tape 1
Ft² Porcelain wall tile 100
Ft² Porcelain floor tile 10
Waterproofing and Crack Prevention Membrane 1
1/2×10′ Plex pipe 4
Plex fittings 20
Premium Faucet 2
Thinset 3
Unsanded Grout 1
PVC Shower pan liner 1
Shower bed mortar 2
Shower drain 1
Corner trims 8
36″×72″ Frame-less shower glass door 1
Disposal fee 1
Technicians removing the old shower and installing the new one. 1