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Scope of Works.

Technicians arrived on site, removed the damaged laundry room folding doors and frame hardware, new hardware was installed along with the new set of folding doors, a new wireless blind was installed in the bedroom, a new shower arm, flange and shower head were installed, the old tub and shower walls grout were removed, a new seal was applied, the toilet base was secured, the old over the range microwave was removed, the new over the range microwave was installed. Technicians cleaned up the area after completion.


Closet folding doors Qty: 2
Frame hardware Qty: 2
Cordless blind Qty: 1
Shower Arm Qty: 1
Flange Qty: 1
Shower head Qty: 1
Sealer Qty: 1
Over the range microwave Qty: 1

Technicians making the repairs