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SRV-MS-10112022-05 – Description


Multiple Services


Description of Service


Scope of Work

Invoice for Multiple Services

Technicians arrived on site and removed the locks from the front, back and garage doors and replaced them with new locks.

The damaged sections of the loundry door frame were removed, a new frame molding was installed, the waterheater closet doors hardware was removed and new hardware was installed in order to fix the door issue.

The rusted sections inside the dryer were sanded, primed and coated with ceramic coating.

The board under the kitchen sink was sanded, conditioned and coated.

The stairs rail was secured.

On the master bedroom, one of the electric outlet was replaced and the master bathroom light switch was removed and replaced with a new one.

Three window screens were replaced from three of the bedrooms.

The broken mirrors at the guestroom ceiling and wall were removed, the walls and ceiling were fixed and textured after the mirrors were removed.

All the sinks and bathtubs drain were treated with the cleaning line.

All the walls, baseboards, trims, crown molding, and doors were fixed and painted.

The garage floor was sanded, cleaned and coated.

The interior garage walls were fixed and painted.

The garage door opener was reprogrammed.

The exterior garage wall damages were fixed and the wall was painted.

Landscaping service were performed on the patio area, the vegetation was removed from the paver area and prevention treatment was applied.

Additional services:

3 new Toilets were instaled on the bathrooms

One damaged toilet water valve was replaces on the downstairs guest bathroom.

The old shower head was removed from the upstair guest bathroom and replaced with a new one.

The old towel hanger was removed from the upstair guest bathroom, the wall hole was fixed and painted.

4 electric switch plates were replaced (loundry room, bathrooms, living room and hall)

1 waterproof outlet cover was replaced on the patio area.

The pavers old cement stains and spray paint was removed from the patio floor

Steam cleaning service was performed on the downstairs floor.

4 lamps were removed from the bathrooms and replaced with new ones.

1 Blind was replaced on the master bathroom

The blinds upper molding was fixed on the masterbedroom

1 Fire extinguisher was installed under the kitchen sink.

30 light bulbs were replaced for new LED day light light bulbs.

Garage cabinets were removed and disposed off site.

Materials & Labor
Premium door lock 3
Sliding door hardware 2
Gal. Premium interior paint 30
Gal. Primer 1
Gal. Exterior Paint 1
Gal. Exterior waterproof coating 1
Gal. Garage Floor 4
Sealer 10
Masking tape 10
Plastic sheeting 1
Floor covering paper 4
Joint compound 1
Orange peel wall texture 1
Appliance ceramic coating 1
15amp electric outlet 1
15amp electric switch 1
Wall plates 4
Frame molding 1
Window screen 3
Floor cleaning solution 1
Vegetation retardant treatment 1
Technicians making the repairs 1

Additional services
Shower head 1
Premium Toilets 3
Electric switch plates 3
Exterior waterproof outlet cover 1
Two lights bathroom vanity lamps 2
Three lights bathroom vanity lamps 2
Premium wood like blind 1
Fire extinguisher 1
Water valve 1
Day light LED light bulbs 30