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SRV-MS-10192022-03 – Description


Multiples Services


Description of Service

ESTIMATE AS2000159 50%

Scope of Work

Technicians will arrive on site and remove the locks from the front, back and garage doors and replace them with new locks.

The damaged sections of the laundry door frame will be removed, a new frame molding will be installed, the water heater closet doors hardware will be removed, and new hardware will be installed to fix the door issue.

The rusted sections inside the dryer will be sanded, primed, and coated with ceramic coating.

The board under the kitchen sink will be sanded, conditioned, and coated.

The stairs rail will be secured.

On the master bedroom, one of the electric outlets will be replaced and the master bathroom light switch will be removed and replaced with a new one.

Three window screens will be replaced from three of the bedrooms.

The broken mirrors at the guestroom ceiling and wall will be removed, the walls and ceiling will be fixed and textured after the mirrors are removed.

All the sinks and bathtubs drain will be treated with the cleaning line.

All the electric plates will be removed, the floors, stairs, kitchen cabinets and other necessary surfaces will be covered to protect them and avoid being painted over.

There is damaged sections on the walls that would be repaired, sanded an finished before it’s painted, due to the repairs the walls will be primed.

After all the walls surfaces are finished, technicians will start applying the first paint coat to the ceilings and walls and apply the second paint coat when ready.

All the baseboards, trims, crown molding, and doors will be painted.

The garage floor will be sanded, cleaning solution will be applied, and the floors will be pressure washed, after the surface dries, the garage floor will be coated.

The interior garage walls cracks will be filled with a polyurethane sealer then the walls and ceilings will be painted.

The garage door opener will be reprogrammed.

The exterior garage wall damages will be repaired, waterproof coating will be applied, and the wall will be painted.

Landscaping service will be performed on the patio area, the vegetation will be removed from the paver area and prevention treatment will be applied, the stone planter will be repaired and cleaned, the trees and shrubs will be trimmed.

After finishing technicians will reinstall all the electric plates and perform a cleaning service, the carpet will be cleaned. The bulk trash and remaining debris will be disposed of site.

Materials & Labor
Premium door lock 3
Sliding door hardware 2
Gal. Premium interior paint 30
Gal. Primer 1
Gal. Exterior Paint 1
Gal. Exterior waterproof coating 1
Gal. Garage Floor coating 4
Sealer 10
Masking tape 10
Plastic sheeting 1
Floor covering paper 4
Joint compound 1
Orange peel wall texture 1
Appliance ceramic coating 1
15amp electric outlet 1
15amp electric switch 1
Wall plates 4
Interior frame molding 1
Window screen 3
Floor cleaning solution 1
Vegetation retardant treatment 1
Disposal fee 1
Technicians making the repairs 1