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SRV-MS-080120222-01 – Description


Multiple Services


Description of Service

Invoice 50% of PO AS2000116

Scope of Work

Technicians will arrive on site and remove all the electric plates, cover the floors, stairs and other necessary surfaces to protect them and avoid being painted over. There are damaged sections on the walls that would be repaired, sanded a finished before it’s painted, do to the repairs the walls will be primed. After all the walls surfaces are finished, technicians will start applying the first paint coat and apply the second paint coat when ready.

The outside antenna will be removed, and the wall holes will be covered.

The living room fan and lamp shades will be removed, new clear shades will be installed with new high output LED
light bulbs.

The kitchen lamps screen covers will be removed and replace it with new ones.

The baseboards behind the refrigerator will be removed and replace it with a new one as well as the baseboard behind the toilet located at the downstairs bathroom.

The sink cabinet bottom will be finished and painted; the counter splash board will be sealed.

Cleaning solution will be applied to the garage and lanai floors, both floors will be pressure washed, the cracks on the lanai floor will be covered, the water heater will be removed to paint under it and install a new pan. The garage and lanai floors will be painted, the water heater and pan will be installed.

The second-floor guest bathroom toilet will be removed and replaced with a new one, the master bathroom shower door will be repaired.

The kitchen microwave will be removed and replaced with a use unit.

The refrigerator top freezer shelf will be replaced with a new shelf.

The kitchen stove front heating elements will be replaced.

The AC filter will be replaced, pest control and cleaning services will be performed after finishing.

Materials & Labor
Gal. Premium interior paint 15
Gal. Primer 1
Gal. Garage floor coating 4
Sealer 6
Masking tape 6
Plastic sheeting 1
Floor covering paper 4
Joint compound 1
Orange peel wall texture 1
Bell Seeded Glass Vanity Light Shade 7
Led high output light bulbs 7
4ft Lamp cover screen 2
LF Baseboard 15
Waterheater pan 1
3/4×24″ PVC pipe 1
3/4 PVC unions 2
Toilet 1
Shower door repair kit 1
Use microwave 1
Refrigerator top freezer shelf 1
12 in OEM Dual Haliant/Radiant Surface Element range 1
8 in OEM Radiant Surface Burner Heating Element 1
Pest control 1
Cleaning Service 1