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SRV-MS-07292023-07 – Description


Multiple Services


Description of Service


Multiple Services

Scope of Work

– During the demolition of the bedroom, closets and laundry mold affected areas, technicians found that the lack of insulation on the bedroom and closets areas are causing moisture buildup in the exterior surfaces of the walls, the heat from the exterior walls in combination with the cold from the interior AC are creating condensation, the perfect environment for mold growth.
On the laundry area Polybutylene pipes were found inside of an overall.
The following repairs are highly recommended:
Technicians will remove what’s left of the drywall from the affected areas of the bedroom and closets.
New insulation and drywall will be installed, finished, primed and painted.
– On the laundry area the over wall will be eliminated, the Polybutylene pipes will be removed, new water lines and drain lines will be installed inside the wall, all the electrical outlets will be reinstalled, new drywall will be installed, finished, primed and painted.
Technicians will clean the work area and dispose the remaining debris off-site.

Materials & Labor
4’x8’x1/2″ Drywall 4
Joint compound 1
200ft² Faced insulation 1
10’x2″ PVC pipe 1
30′ Pex pipes 1
Fittings 1
Washer wall box 1
Washer valves 2
Technicians making the repairs 1