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SRV-MS-051023-03 Description


Multiple Services


Description of Service


Deposit Paid Quote AS2000246: $6,307.00

Technicians arrived on site and removed the bathroom ceiling, shower tiles, walls, water pipes, door trim and tub. Electrical wiring for the exhaust fan was installed along with a new junction box and wall switch. A new exhaust fan with white LED and ultraviolet light was installed. The new bathroom ceiling was installed, along with the water lines and fixtures, a new 60″ acrylic shower kit with frameless glass shower doors, foucet, drainage system, and PVC door trim. After finishing the walls and ceiling, they were textured, treated with an anti-mildew sealer and painted with an anti-mildew paint. The air conditioning system was overhauled. Installed, finished and painted the ceiling of the water heater cabinet. Removed the 710 ft² of laminate flooring in the apartment, as well as the tile flooring in the kitchen and bathroom. New porcelain tile flooring was installed. Technicians cleaned up the work area after completion and removed the remaining debris off-site.

Trip charge 1
4’×8’x1/2″ Green board 2
4’×8’x1/2″ Drywall 1
30ft Plex pipe 1
Water line fittings 15
2″×10 PVC pipe 1
Drain fittings 6
Pan mortar 2
Cement board 1
Drywall screws box 1
Cement board screws 1
Joint compound 1
Joint mesh 1
Texture 1
25ft 12/2 Romex wire 1
Junction box 1
Wall switch 1
Switch plate 1
Vio powered exhaust vent LED white light & ultraviolet light 1
2″x4″x8′ Lumber 6
PVC door molding 1
Acrylic shower system 1
Shower faucet 1
Sliding frameless glass shower door 1
Shower door hardware 1
Waterproof sealant 2
Mold blocking sealer 1
Mold blocking paint 1
Ceiling paint 1
780 ft² Premium porcelain tile floor 1
Polymer added thinset 16
Stain resistant grout 3
Air conditioner service fee 1
Disposal fee 1
Material delivery fee 1
Technicians making the repairs. 1

(Option 1: The old baseboard will be removed prior to the tile floor installation. A new premium wood baseboard
will be installed, finished, and painted after the tile floor is finished)