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Description of Service

50% of PO AS2000079

Scope of Work:
Technicians will arrive on site and remove the existing shower pan, the bottom walls sections, the drain, and the divider. Technicians will install a new pan liner, new divider, cover the bottom shower walls with cement board, install a new drain base, and pour new cement to extend the shower pan. The new pan and bottom walls will be coated with a waterproofing and crack prevention membrane; new tile will be installed in the bottom shower walls and shower floor, and the new tile will be sealed

Pan liner Qty: 1
Drain base Qty: 1
Mortar mix Qty: 3
Cement boars Qty: 2
Cement board screws Qty: 1
2x4x8 PT Lumber Qty: 2
Waterproofing membrane Qty: 1
Thinset Qty:2
Tile Qty: 1
Grout Qty: 1
Sealer Qty: 1

Technicians making the repairs Qty:2