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Minor Repair


Description of Service

Scope of Work:
Technicians arrived on site and checked in with site manager to address the shelves instalation process. Technicians completed assessment by installing the shelves support wires from the ceiling support beans then customized the shelves by customer request, the shelves were installed and secured in top of the produce and meat fridge. Technician cleaned work area and checked out with store manager. Job completed.

2″x4″x1/8″ Aluminum square tubbing Qty:54′
2″×2″×1/8″ Aluminum angle Qty:54′
2x4x8 Lumber Qty:4
2x4x16 Lumber Qty:1
1x3x8 Lumber Qty:7
4x8x3/4 Plywood Qty:7
5/8 Flat washers Qty: 26
1/8 Vynil coating wire Qty:130′
Heavy-duty wire clamps Qty:52
1lb Rust proof screws Qty:2
5/8×5″ Eye Bolt with Hex Nut Qty:13

Technicians building and installing shelves