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Minor Repair Service


Description of Service

Scope of work:

Technician arrived on site and checked in with the tenant to address the sink faucet and dishwasher issues. Technician completed assessment by removing the damaged dishwasher supply line, the hot water shutoff valve and the kitchen faucet.Technician installed the new supply line, shutoff valve, kitchen faucet and sealed the area betweenthe sink and kitchen counter.

Technician cleaned work area and checked out with tenant. Job completed 10/25/2021

1. Labor Quantity:1 Price: 177.00 USD
2. Kitchen Sink Faucet Quantity:1 Price: 125.00 USD
3. Supply line Quantity: 1 Price: 45.00 USD
4. Shutoff valve Quantity: 1 Price: 16.00 USD
5. Clear sealant Quantity: 1 Price: 15.00 USD