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SRV-MR-09142022-02 – Description


Handyman Service


Description of Service


Scope of Work

Invoice for: Windows lock reinforcement and door lock replacement.

Technician arrived on site and removed the entry door knob and cylinder deadbolt, a new lock set with a keyed door knob and double side keyed cylinder deadbolt was installed.

Each window was predrilled between the frame and the window panel in order to install the lock pins.Hardened metal lock pins with holders were instaled on each window to insure that the window can’t be opened from the out side. The window screen was straightened and reinstaled. Technician cleaned the work area after finishing.

Materials & Labor
Exterior Entry Door Knob and Single Cylinder Deadbolt Combo Pack 1

Hardened metal lock pins with holders 4

Technician installing the locks on door and windows and fixing the screen 1