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Minor Repair


Description of Service

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Technician arrived on site and checked in with site manager to address the signs issue. Technician completed assessment by disassembling the small entrance sign, removed the old lamps and backets, installed a new led lamp and reassembled the sign.
Technicians then removed the covers from the tower signs and removed the old linear fluorescent tubes and regulators, troubleshot the wiring problem the electrical short that cost the tubes to burnout was fixed, new fluorescent tubes were installed and the signs reassembled.
The signs surface was repaired and cleaned as well, the lose dots and letters were attached back. Technician cleaned work area and checked out with store manager. Job completed 06/02/2022.

LED lamp Qty:1
Lineal fluorescent tube Qty: 12
Wire harness Qty:1
Vinyl adhesive Qty:1

Technicians making te repairs