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SRV-LS-07312023-01 – Description


Multiple Services


Description of Service

PAY DEPOSIT 50% of Quote AS2000298

Multiple Services

Scope of Work

– Technician will arrive on site and remove all the weed and dead vegetation from the flower beds.
– New weed prevention fabric will be installed along with the mulch, the existing plants will be trimmed.
– The flower bed area will be treated with bug prevention granules.
– The driveway oil stains will be treated with oil stain remover, the driveway area will be pressure washed.
– The driveway paver area will be conditioned and sealed with a latex clear sealer.

Materials & Labor
Commercial grade weed prevention fabric 1
Premium mulch 15
Driveway sealer 1
Industrial grade oil stains remover 1
Multi bug treatment 1
Flower beds cleaning, weed removal, mulch installation and trimming services 1
Driveway cleaning and pressure washing services 1
Driveway sealing services 1