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Multiple Services


Description of Service

INV-ART-000415 – Total Cost: 1,580.00 USD
Scope of Work: Technician arrived on site and checked in with site manager to address the canopies roof issue. Technician completed assessment by removing all the vegetation and debris from the gutters, the roof surface was pressure washed and cleaned, the gutter and roof leak points were sealed and a metal coating was applied on the damaged sections of the roof. Technician cleaned work area and checked out with store manager. Job completed 07/27/2022

Materials & Labor:

All season water proof sealer Qty: 4
Metal roof coating Qty: 1
Technicians making the repairs Qty: 1

INV-ART-000423 – Total Cost 5,785.42 USD

Scope of Work: Technicians will arrive on site and secure the area for the safety of employees and costumers. The rust afected areas will be grinded and sanded to remove the rust buildup, rust inhibitor coating will be applied, the canopies frames will be sanded in the needed areas then pressure washed, after the frames are cleaned and dried, the frames will be painted with a high quality industrial enamel paint. Thechnicians will clean the work area after finishing.

Materials & Labor:

Gallons of industrial enamel Qty: 8
Gallons of DTM coating Qty: 5
Technicians making the repairs Qty:1