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SRV-PN-08132022-02 – Description


Paintin Service


Description of Service

Deposit 50% Budget AS200128

Scope of Work

Technicians will arrive on site and remove all the electric plates and wall features, cover the floors, stairs, kitchen cabinets and other necessary surfaces to protect them and avoid painting over them. There are minor damages in some sections of the walls that would be repaired, sanded, finished, and textured before they are painted. Due to the repairs those sections will be primed. after all the walls surfaces are finished, technicians will start applying the first paint coat and apply the second coat when ready. All the trims and doors will be painted. Technicians will reinstall all electric plates and wall features and clean the work area after finishing.

Materials & Labor
15 Gal. Premium interior wall paint
3 Gal. Premium interior Trim paint
1 Gal. Primer
6 Caulking Sealer
6 Masking tape
1 Plastic sheeting
4 Floor covering paper
1 Joint compound
1 Orange peel wall texture
1 Interior painting services