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SRV-PN-08092022-03 – Description


Painting Service


Description of Service

Pay 50% AS2000126

Scope of Work

Technicians will arrive on site and pressure wash the exterior walls and trims, all the cracks and water access points will be sealed with an exterior waterproof sealer, all windows and floors around the house will be covered, the exterior walls showing water filtration issues will be coated with waterproof sealer coating to stop and prevent future water access points, after the sealer dries two coats of premium paint will be applied to walls and trims. All the joints between the house and floor will be filled with a backer rod and rubberized two parts liquid polyurethane waterproofing filler to stop the foundation water filtration. The pool area floor cracks will be treated and coated. Technicians will clean the work area after finishing.

Materials & Labor
Gal Waterproof sealer coating 2
Gal Walls Premium Exterior Paint 10
Gal Trims Premium Exterior Paint 5
Exterior waterproof crack sealer 10
Gal rubberized two parts liquid polyurethane 2
50′ Backer rod 1
Masking tape 6
Plastic sheeting 1
Technicians making the repairs and painting the house exterior 1
Pool area floor cracks treatment and coating (No charge) 1