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SRV-MR-07212023-01 – Description


Handyman Service


Description of Service


DEPOSIT PAID 50% QUOTE AS2000287 & QUOTE AS2000316

Floor removal, floor base structure reinforcement, structure lifting and leveling, foundation supports installation and subfloor installation.

Scope of Work

Technicians arrived on site and removed the existing soil, roofing material and subflooring, inspected the condition of the support beams to ensure they would withstand the lifting process, installed temporary reinforced support beams to support the lifting process, raised and leveled the house, created new foundation points with reinforced concrete, installed support posts in the necessary pinch point areas to create adequate and level ground support for the structure. Once the leveling process was completed and the new footings were installed, the new subfloors were installed and all edges were sealed. Technicians cleaned up the work area and removed the remaining debris off site.

Materials & Labor
1 – Trip charge
40 – 4x8x3/4″ Premium tongue and Groove Plywood Sheathing
30 – 2″x6″x16′ Lumber
60 – 2″x8″x16′ Pressure treated beams
150 – Hurricane ties
1 – Moisture barrier
1- 25lb deck screws
1- High strength anchoring bolts
1 – High strength anchoring concrete
1 – 5lb Exterior Simpson screw
2 – 5lb Decking screws
1 – Material delivery fee
1- Disposal fee
1 – Technicians making the repairs

On the event of any additional damage found not related to this quote, including but not limited to plumbing, electrical, or structural, a separate quote must be created.