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SRV-PB-07182023-02 – Description


Plumbing Service


Description of Service


Emergency plumbing services

Scope of Work

Technicians arrived on site and proceeded to use a jack hammer to remove the concrete where the main pipe is located. After the concrete was removed technicians opened access to the new pipe by removing the soil around the damaged lines. The old pipes, shutoff valve and pressure control valve were removed, the new water line was instaled with shark bite fittings, a new shutoff valve was installed and the pressure control valve was reinstalled. Technicians tested the new lines and no issues were found. Technicians covered the affected area and cleaned the work area after finishing. Job completed 07/18/2023

Materials & Labor
Emergency trip charge 1
Sharkbite coper elbow 1
Sharkbite Fittings 5
1″ CPVC Pipe 1
3/4″ CPVC Pipe 1
Sharkbite shutoff valve 1
Demolition tool fee 1
Technicians making the repairs 1