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Plumbing Services


Description of Service

Scope of Works:
Technicians will arrive on site and remove the damaged section of the bathroom wall along with the copper pipes and the old shutoff valves. Technicians will replace the pipes with new pex lines, install new shutoff valves, replace the damaged sections of the wall, finish it, paint it, install a new drain trap, and drain downspout. Technicians will clean the work area after finishing.

Pex pipes Qty: 2
Shutoff valves Qty: 4
Drain downspout Qty: 1
Drain trap Qty: 1
Pex rings Qty: 1
Pex unions Qty: 2
Pex elbows Qty:2
Pex T Qty:2
Green board Qty: 1
Joint compound Qty: 1

Technicians making the repairs Qty: 1