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SRV-MS-11012022-01 – Description


Multiple Services


Description of Service


Scope of Work

Invoice for Multiple Services

Technicians arrived on site and covered the naild holes on the kitchen, living room, master and one guest room wall areas, the walls were retouched with a matching color paint.

The TV antenna was removed from the patio roof area, the cable was removed from the wall and the wall hole was covered.

A damaged light switch was removed from the living room and replaced with a new switch.

The electric short on one of the kitchen lamps was repaired.

All the missing light bulbs were replaced.

The master bathroom carpet was power cleaned to remove the old stains
The blinds molding frame was repaired on one of the bedrooms.

The old curtain rod was removed from the living room window, the wall holes were covered and painted.

A fire extinguisher was installed under the kitchen sink.

A full house cleaning service was performed.

The bulk trask from the garage was removed and disposed off site.

Materials & Labor
Gal. Premium interior paint 2
Light switch 1
Fire extinguisher 1
LED Light bulbs 1
Disposal fee 1
Technicians making the repairs and cleaning the house 1