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SRV-MS-07262023-04 – Description


Multiple Services


Description of Service


Paid DEPOSIT AS2000293: $1,486.50

Multiple Services

Scope of Work

Technicians arrived on site and removed the damaged sections of the walls, the affected areas of the bedroom, closets, bathroom (behind the vanity) and kitchen were cut 48″ off the floor, a new moisture barrier was installed prior to drywall installation, new mold resistant drywall was installed, the walls were finished, primed and painted with mold resistant paint. The wall behind the kitchen range hood was repaired and the wiring was rewired. The ceiling of the air conditioning cabinet was repaired. In the bathroom, the valves and water pipes in the sink and toilet were replaced, and a new sink, toilet, light and cabinet were installed. In the kitchen, the sink valves and water pipes were replaced and a new extractor hood was installed. The technicians cleaned up the work area after completion.

Materials & Labor
Bathroom vanity 1
Bathroom sink faucet 1
Sink hose 4
Toilet hose 1
Water valve 5
High efficiency toilet 1
LED vanity light 1
Bathroom cabinet with mirror 1
Ductless exhaust hood 1
Plex pipe 12
Fittings 25
Sink drain kit 1
Moisture barrier 1
5lb Drywall screws 1
Mold resistant drywall 8
Joint compound 1
Joint mesh 1
Primer sealer 2
Premium interior mold resistant paint 2
Technicians making the repairs 1