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SRV-MS-06162023-01 – Description


Multiples Services


Description of Service

50% BUDGET AS2000261

Multiple Services

Scope of Work

Technicians will arrive on site and remove four damaged panels from the screen porch to remove the debris, sediments and vegetation accumulated between the screen porch and the roof edge.
New screen mesh will be installed on those panels.
An aluminum edge will be installed to seal those areas and stop the sediment accumulation.
The damaged wood soffit sections, frame and drip edge will be removed.
The damaged frame will be replaced with pressure treated all weather lumber, The damaged wood soffit will be replaced with cement board, new galvanized drip edge will be installed on the affected areas.
The affected areas will be primed and painted with matching premium exterior paint. Technicians will clean the work area after finishing.

Materials & Labor
Heavy-duty screen mesh 1
Screen spline 1
1″×1″×8 Aluminum molding 3
All weather sealer 4
Cement board 2
2″×6″×12′ All-weather pressure treated lumber 2
1lb Exterior screws 1
1lb Backer on screws 1
Galvanized drip edge 1
Premium exterior primer 1
Premium exterior paint 1
Disposal fee 1
Technicians making the repairs 1