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Multiple Services


Description of Service

50% of AS2000078

Scope of Works: Technicians will arrive on site and remove the sections of the walls and baseboards facing the back of the building affected with mold on both bedrooms, also the affected section of the bathroom wall affected by humidity. The mold affected areas on the interior concrete walls on both bedrooms will be treated; a dehumidifier will be placed for 24 hours prior to repairs. A moisture barrier will be installed at the base of the back interior walls in both bedrooms and green boards instead of regular drywall to prevent future damage. On the bathroom the damaged sections of the walls will be replaced with cement boards, new baseboards will be treated and coated in the back and front to prevent futter mold growing, and all the new repairs will be coated with mold resistant coating and mold resistant paint, the outside and inside ac units will be cleaned. Technicians will clean the work area after finishing.

Green boars
Cement boars
Mold removal fee
2x4x8 PT Lumber
Mold resistant coating
Mold resistant Paint
Dehumidifier fee
AC Unit service fee
Disposal fee
Moisture Barrier
Joint Tape

Technicians making the repairs