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SRV-MR08282023-08 – Description


Handyman Services


Description of Service

PAY DEPOSIT 50% of Quote AS2000315

Ceiling texture removal and reapplying, LED recessed lights installation

Scope of Work

Technicians will cover the floor with floor coverings paper, all the popcorn texture will be removed from the living room ceiling, parts of the ceiling will be cut and exposed in order to install the four junction boxes and necessary wiring for the light’s installation. After the setup of the electrical, the ceiling will be repaired, and new knockdown textures will be applied. The ceiling will be primed and painted; four LED recessed lights will be installed. Technicians will clean the work area after finishing.

Materials & Labor
Ceiling texture 1
Joint compound 1
Joint mesh 1
Drywall sealer 1
Premium ceiling paint 1
12/2 Wire 1
Junction boxes 4
Conectors 12
LED recessed lights 4
Technicians making the repairs and installation 1