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Major Repair Services


Description of Service

Scope of Works: Technician will arrive on site and remove the old laminated floor as well as the baseboards from the master bedroom and guest bedroom areas, the guest bedroom fan will be removed as well, the floor will be cleaned and conditioned prior to the vinyl floor installation, the new vinyl floor and baseboards will be installed and finished.
The guest bedroom ceiling will be cut, and an electrical pipe will be instaled alone with a new junction box, the new wiring will be installed, the ceiling cut will be covered and finished, the fan will be reinstalled after finishing.

9/16″ x 5 1/4″ x 150’ Primed Pine Baseboard Qty: 1
Electrical Pipe Qty: 1
Electrical pipe fittings Qty: 8
2/12g x 25′ Wire Qty: 1
Anchoring cement Qty:1
Drywall Qty: 1
Joint compound Qty: 1
Drywall screws .5-pound box Qty: 1
Tapcon screws 15 ct box Qty: 1
Vinyl floor (Gray) Qty: 1
Disposal fee Qty: 1

Technicians making the repairs Qty: 1