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SRV-MR-07212023-03 – Description


Handyman Service


Description of Service


Paid QUOTE AS2000288:$3,035.00

Kitchen remodeling

Scope of Work

Technicians arrived on site and secured all plumbing and electrical points. All cabinets, countertops, dishwasher, range hood, sink, stove and drain pipes were removed and new water valves were installed. New custom painted wood cabinets were installed and fastened. A new granite countertop was installed with a deep stainless steel sink. A new premium foucet and drain trap was installed. The dishwasher, range, range hood and refrigerator were reinstalled. A new backsplash was installed. Technicians cleaned up the work area and disposed of the remaining debris.

Materials & Labor
Water valves 2
Wall Kitchen Cabinets
30x30x12 4
36x30x12 1
18x30x12 1
Base Kitchen Cabinets
18x24x35 2
15x24x35 1
36x24x35 1
Premium granite countertop 1
Deep stainless-steel sink 1
Premium Kitchen sink foucet 1
Drain lines 1
30ft² splash wall tile 1
Disposal fee 1
Material delivery fee 1
Technicians removing the old cabinets, installing the new ones and installing the new splash wall 1